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Are you a professional personal trainer? Do you want to enhance your fitness training knowledge further with a training program that is motivating, refreshing, and dynamic? If the answer is yes Muay Thai fitness certification is a great way to expand your teaching expertise. Let us know a few details about the Muay fitness training program.

If you work in the fitness industry, the term Muay Thai may not be unfamiliar to you. But you may have little idea about the exact benefits of Muay Thai which is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. So, we feel coaches of UFC fighters should know what are the practical benefits of this high-intensity training program. The five noticeable benefits of kickboxing workouts are increased cardiovascular strength, core strength, leg strength, stress relief, and increased hip mobility.

Why does certification so much important?  

Now let us understand, why does certification carries so much importance? What is happening in today’s world is that people trust certified trainers in whatever field they are teaching. Being certified as a trainer assures the clients that the course instructor knows how to guide the participants.

The fitness industry is booming since people are more concerned about their health more than ever. To exploit the situation, many health and fitness institutes are mushrooming. However, only a few of them are top-rated high-end training association. One such association is NESTA. This organization conducts plenty of courses like Personal & Group Training, Nutrition & Behavior Training, Biomechanics & Functional Training, HIIT & Conditioning Training, Kettlebell & Ropes Training,  health, and wellness training.

Among, these programs, if you plan to develop skill in muay Thai fitness, we recommend you to enroll in the Muay Thai Fitness Certification course offered by NESTA. We reckon this kickboxing training certification course is one of the best programs in the world because of the Course creator and instructor Bryce Krause. The fitness association NESTA recently partnered with Bryce Krause, who is one of the top Muay Thai instructors in the world and the seven times winner of the national championship.

What are the benefits you will get from this course   

  • Learn proper technique from no other but Bryce Krause
  • Learn a proven training system for one on one, large group classes, and small group.
  • Start up the training course with the minimum equipment
  • Learn only the real Muay Thai fitness technique
  • Assess yourself the progression of your effort regarding how much you are learning the Muay Thai Fitness technique.
  • After successful completion of the course you will earn much coveted the professional title of “Certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach.”
kickboxing instructor certification
kickboxing instructor certification

What are the course contents?

  • A brief history of Muay Thai and MTF
  • Basics and fundamentals of the kickboxing
  • Coaching Techniques
  • warm-up
  • How to conduct One-on-one Class with example
  • Small group class structure with example
  • Large group class structure with example
  • Necessary equipment
  • 13 detailed training videos.

A few frequently asked questions about Muay Thai Fitness Certification

Who are the ideal participants for MIF?

MTF is IDEAL for personal trainers, Crossfit boxes, martial arts schools, boot camp operators, group exercise instructors, and big-box gym owners. The entire training system is particularly designed to work with trainers, coaches and business owners ranging from solo, small budget operations to the big-box/big budget gyms.

Can MTF  conducted outdoor as well?

Yes, you can train on outdoor but make sure that the surface is hard and the land is covered grass.

Which Gender gets more attraction towards MTF? Male or Female?

The MTF training course does not predominantly attract either the male or female population. In the night session, the number of male and female participants is equal that is 50-50. But in the mid-day session, the number of male participants is 60% while the female counterpart is 40%.

Is prior Martial art experience is an absolute necessity?

Having martial art experience is useful for participating in the MTF training program, but it is not mandatory. So, if you are not familiar with martial art technique

Where do you get equipment?

You will get all types of equipment from NESTA. To start the training program, your initial investment will be not more than $100 for purchasing kickboxing equipment.


Are you seeking a flexible, stable and promising career? The health and fitness industry is one such job sector where thousands of job opportunities will create in this current decade. So, becoming a Muay Thai fitness trainer will help you start a prospective career.

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