Frequent body exercise has been directly linked to healthy living. Since we have been enlightened on the importance of exercise to one’s health, several types of workouts came into existence- biking, jogging, yoga, sport, weight lifting, and so on. Exercise has now become an essential part of our lives. It is as simple as this: if you love to have an excellent body physic, subjecting your body to frequent work out is your best bet.

I walked past a modeling institute sometime last month, and I was amazed at what I saw. It was an awesome view! I am not talking about the building or structured design of the institute. I am talking about the stream of angels with incredible body physic. Obviously, they weren’t born like that; neither did they just wake up like that one morning. They worked for it!

That’s what they got after subjecting themselves to series of workout sessions, building every part of their body from their upper region to their lower area. It not about the number of hours you spent working out but how well it was done. I have seen people crazily built but far from smart.

As said earlier, exercise comes in different forms. If you visit the gym regularly, you would know that there are several workout equipment developed to achieve specific goals. Some were designed to tone the leg muscles while some were prepared to tone the arms. In this article, we are going to provide answers to the question, “what does an exercise bike tone?”

What is an Exercise Bike?

What is an Exercise Bike

Not everyone likes outdoor exercise. As a matter of fact, many people love to exercise their bodies frequently but hate the idea of cycling around the neighborhood. Exercise Bikes are more or less like regular bikes. The only difference between them is that they are stationary and immovable. These exercise bikes can be found in gyms and can also be purchased for personal use at home.

As I have seen people properly and smartly built from head to toe, I have also seen people who are not well-built. What do I mean by this? They have big and broad chests but thin legs. That’s kind of irregular, to say the least. It makes me recall my favorite childhood anime called Johnny Bravo. What I am saying is that if you are to build your body properly from head to toe, you have to check the kind of workouts you subject your body.

An exercise bike is a piece of excellent workout equipment that helps tone many body parts, ensuring balance. Let’s find out what an exercise bike tone, shall we?

  1. The Bum

exercise bike tone

It is every lady’s dream to have a nicely shaped bum. As funny as it may seem, many ladies, before going out in the morning, check the mirror to see their bum. A well-toned bum actually adds extra beauty to one’s physique. Some people even go ahead to use several medications to make sure their bum is in shape. You don’t need to do that because a regular workout on an exercise bike can help tone your bum.

The bum consists of three major muscles:

  • The Gluteus Minimus
  • The Gluteus Median
  • The Gluteus Maximus

The Gluteus Minimus is the smallest muscle of the bum, which works together with the medium to shape the thigh. The gluteus median is found on the pelvis surface, assisting in proper hip rotation. Lastly is the main and largest muscle- the gluteus maximus, which helps give the bum its shape.

While working out on an exercise bike, the bum is one of the parts that is toned. In the process of working out on an exercise bike, your legs go up and down, engaging the glutes.

  1. The Calves

the Calves

The calf is found at the back of your lower leg. As you move your leg back and forth, upward and downward, your calf muscles are also worked. Each stroke of the pedal not only works your hamstrings and upper legs but also works your calf muscles. As you stroke the pedal upward and downward with or without cycling shoes, your calf muscles push and pull. You can engage your calves better while working out on an exercise bike by pointing your toes forward while stroking the pedals. Instead of the regular stroking, this will help you concentrate more on your calf muscles. Many people believe that subjecting your muscles to vigorous exercise will result in better toning. Be careful so you don’t injure your legs or cause your muscles to tear.

  1. Back and Abs

Back and Abs

Your back and abs can also benefit while working out on an exercise bike. It doesn’t happen by default. It is dependent on your body posture while working out. Since toning is dependent on which body part is mostly strained, ensure your abs and back don’t slack or sag. If it does, they might not be toned in any way. As a matter of fact, it can injure you. Maintain a steady posture with your back straight and abs tight. You can engage your back muscles more by leaning in a forward position while cycling. Also, if you are interested in working your abs more, try riding in a reclined position.

  1. The Arms

The Arms

Your arms are also involved in the process of working out on an exercise bike. If you are working out on an upright bike, you may not be able to work your arms properly. However, if you are using a spinning bike, you would be able to engage your arms in the workout. This is because the spinning bike allows you to support your body with your arms on the handlebars provided.

  1. Hips & Thighs (Quads and Hamstrings)

Hips & Thighs

There is no way you can move your legs, and your hips and thighs are not affected. The thighs consist of two muscles front and back. The front muscles are called quadriceps, while the back muscles are called hamstrings. As you stroke the pedal up and down, the thigh muscles are being pushed and pulled. The hip muscles are also affected. However, if you are looking to concentrate more on the hip muscles, assume a stable seating position with your bum back in the seat.


Although an exercise bike was majorly designed to tone the lower body parts, some other body parts also get toned in the process. With all these written above, we can conclude that working out on an exercise bike is a balanced type of exercise which engages both the upper and lower part of the body. The bums, calves, arms, hips, thighs, back, and abs are all toned while working out on an exercise bike.

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