In order to live a healthy life, one must depend upon clean and purified water. This is a basic fundamental need for human needs. 20-50 litres of clean water are required by humans to keep themselves clean and serve various purposes every day. Many people get sick due to polluted water which causes diseases like cholera and diarrheal diseases. The whole world has the right to hygienic water, which is an important task towards healthy living. Clean water provides nourishment and prevents people from various harmful toxins. Agriculture and sanitation facilities also provide platform for proper clean water.

In order to have clean water, people normally install water purifiers which help to clean the water using specified fixed mechanisms and procedures which help to convert the condition of the water from filthy to consumable for humans. Reverse osmosis involves moving of a liquid from high to low concentration levels and then helps to purify it. Force is required to be applied up to some extent so that clean water can be obtained via whole process. It involves a membrane which can be used to pass the molecules depending upon their sizes. The main concept lies in elimination of dissolved salts which helps to make the water fit for consumption purposes.

The water purifiers with RO are considered best for water purifications. These remove everything from water including germs and other bacteria. Water also contains heavy chemicals like arsenic which can cause lifelong damage and early death. These chemicals even have no smell and no taste. The effects are not immediate but are gradually shown with time when the time for effective treatment has usually gone. So, it is always preferred to be safe than later to be sorry.

  • Why RO and not UV?

Ro requires less electricity usage in comparison to UV filters. Ro kills everything but UV filters kills germs and their bodies are left in water only. Ro uses electricity to boost tap water pressure whereas UV uses normal tap to have good pressures. Ro helps to remove dissolved salts whereas UV doesn’t do such things of removing dissolved salts. Ro has the pre filtration stage and UV doesn’t have this at all. The RO membrane removes all germs from water and makes it greatly consumable. The UV filter works with a UV light on which dirt must not be gathered. The algae can reduce the killing power of UV filters so it must be avoided.

  • To buy water purifier:

A person can go online or by traditional shopping mode by physically going to the store and checking the design, details, etc. Also the consumers can buy online from various ecommerce websites so that the price comparisons can be made by sitting at home only. Further various procedures can be done like getting live demos in order to understand what to buy and how to buy. Local dealers can also be contacted in the case one wishes to buy a water purifier. But various discounts can be achieved by online stores because they are indulged in bulk purchasing and local dealers have limited capacity to provide discounts that too sometimes not every time.

  • Which one to buy?

There are 2 types of new RO water purifiers to be used for households: under sink and wall mounted RO purifiers. Both of them have storage tanks which have 2 outlets one for fresh water and another for waste water which can be used for purposes like cleaning floors and toilets.

Wall mounted are most commonly used and have storage tanks of 5-10 litres of capacity. The only problem they have is that they cause more water damage in comparison to another category. Another category under sink has gained a lot of popularity as they can be easily fitted under the sink in the kitchen. The pure water tap is fixed next to kitchen tap in order to facilitate the use of pure water in various purposes. These have storage capacities of up to 5 litres. These are also called as under the counter water purifiers. They have another advantage that they do not consume much space in the kitchen and are placed under the counters in order to save space.  This also has specialized tank which increases the pressure of water further assisting the use of clean water.

  • Advantages of RO water:

These filters not only kill germs but also remove their dead bodies from the water thus making it fit for consumption from filthy condition to drink. It also helps to remove heavy weighted chemicals like arsenic which can cause huge damages. This also involves mineralizing which means that adding back the minerals back to the water cleaned till that stage which was removed from the water till that stage. The RO filters are easy to operate and maintain. Even the water is fit in every way and even tastes good.

The new RO water purifier does not use any compound or light while cleaning water but uses only membrane to clean the water which helps to pass the various molecules through it. This is the only feature in this which helps to differentiate it from all other category based purifiers available in the market. The RO purifier is an invention in this field which has lead to saving many lives by saving them from various water borne diseases like cholera and other types of diseases.

Experts always advise to never to buy cheap or unbranded water purifiers as they remove each and everything from water including the useful minerals whereas the new ones and branded ones involve mineralizers which help to add back the useful minerals to the precious water and even makes it much more useful for consumption.

  • Demerits of RO water purifiers:

These require high pressures and this leads to a great amount of wastage. Half of the water is passed through the second outlet which is not fit for drinking.

But the merits always overcome the demerits as this is the only technology present to have clean and safe water.

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