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I know obesity, overweight, obese- all of these words are quite familiar to you. But do you know how bad the problem is? Let’s get to know a little information about obesity.

Obesity is a medical condition that happens when a person carries extra weight or body fat affecting his health and daily activity. Once obesity was not a big issue like AIDS, cancer or heart disease. But when the problem becomes so widespread, the world health organization(WHO) declared that obesity is a global disease affecting 40% of adults across the world.

The most affecting country is the United States where over two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. Obesity does not spare American children and adolescents since 17% of them are suffering from being overweight. Years of medical research found that diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease are closely associated with obesity. In addition to these diseases, overweight and obesity are also lowers people’s life span.

However, apart from physiological consequences, overweight and obesity are also responsible for the poor quality of life, psychosocial adversities, less probability of employment and decreased wages.

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In social life, the experience of obese people is quite derogatory. They encounter social stigma, discrimination, prejudice, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and bullying. Among these abusive behaviors, bullying is considered extremely dangerous for young children.

Children who face bullying in schools sometimes stop going to school or parents need to transfer them to another institution. The abusive words hurled towards obese kids prevent them to play or mix play with other children which lower their self-esteem and acts as an impediment to their ideal mental development. These traumatized kids become lonely and live an isolated life. One alarming research results regarding the obesity issue is gaining extra-weight obstructs proper functionality of every organ of the body!

However, there is a paradoxical issue that exists in the obesity issue. And that contradictory issue is people’s awareness about obesity and the outcome. It is expected that when people become concerned about a disease, the prevalence of the disease decrease significantly. Diseases, for example, AIDS, malaria, STDs once were so common. But when people get aware of how these diseases spread like an epidemic, they become nearly abolish.

And, here is the irony in case of obesity. Despite so much awareness about the hazards of obesity, the number of obese people is on the rise. The global pervasiveness of adult obesity or overweight has hiked from 28.8% in 19.80 to 36..9% in 2013 for men. That is over 8% in four decades. On the other hand, women beat their male counterparts in terms of obesity since the percentage of women obesity increased from 29.8% to 38.0%. This steady increment of male and female obese people clearly indicates that the current obesity prevention and management are insufficient signalings to governments and individuals to address the issue by adopting a different approach.

And that approach what many health experts endorse is to prevent obesity by changing your current lifestyle. However, altering the current lifestyle of an individual is challenging. One cannot alone change the way how he/she is living now. And, here enter the Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist. The specialist provides Health and wellness coaching to a patient encouraging him to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Hiring a Weight Loss Consultant is not difficult. With the rise of hundreds of thousands of obese people, the demand for weight loss consultants is also on the rise prompting many people to pursue a career in the weight management discipline. Developing a career in this field is also not so hectic. To start a career in this field you require a bachelor’s degree and Obtain Certification .

Now, let’s back to another part of our main discussion that is what is the impacts of health and wellness coaching on obesity? Health and wellness coaching is a partnership program where the patient needs to perform an active role and the coach acts like a mentor or an observer. The goal of this partnership is reducing body weight depends mainly on the patient. It is because the patients execute all the command from a coach who received lifestyle and weight management coaching from a reputed innovation foundation.

The coaching program is divided into several sessions. First, the orientation session. In this initial session, the coach introduces the client to the coaching process- how will they work together to reach their goal. The summary of the entire process is the coach guides the client to set an optimistic goal and steered him all the way to reach the goal.


Obesity is a complex disease. It causes thousands of deaths around the world. Treating the disease is also not simple since there is no specific treatment process. What requires here is a participatory partnership treatment process involving the patient and the lifestyle coach.

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