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Are you working in the fitness industry? Do you a personal trainer, sports coach group trainer, martial arts specialist or a conditioning expert? Do you want to gain more skills in your profession and become an icon in your industry? If the answer to all of these questions is yes enrolling in a speed agility and quickness training program in a fitness association  and getting certification would be the right thing for your further career development.

Why do speed agility and quickness training important for athletes

As a fitness trainer you first yourself and then your trainee athletes need to understand the importance of incorporating SAQ (sports, agility, and quickness) drill in athletes’ daily routine.  All athletes can benefit from improved balance, quicker feet, and faster reaction time, and this is exactly what Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) drills help you achieve. However, general people even many fitness professionals, cannot understand how these components are related, as well as how they differ and how do they bring benefits for athletes.

First, let us talk about speed. It refers to move your arms and legs, in a way that allows you to move as fast as possible in a straight line. This is often referred to as linear speed. If you notice you have difficulty keeping up with or breaking away from your teammates and competitors, you will likely benefit from adding speed drills.

After the speed comes agility. While speed refers to moving in a straight line, agility is the ability to change direction quickly and effectively. If you struggle to move side-to-side or find yourself off balance a lot, agility training will help improve your performance.

The last component of the drill is Quickness. It refers to your body’s reflexive reactions. Quickness drill increases your instant and rapid responses. If you have trouble getting your body into position quickly or lack explosiveness in your first few steps, adding quickness drills to increase your reaction time will help you be a quicker athlete.

Is SAQ Drills Provide discernible benefits for Multiple Disciplines?

Speed agility and quickness training are beneficial for players of many disciplines like league soccer, hockey, football, rugby, volleyball, or even ultimate Frisbee.

Where personal trainers can get speed and agility sports training

There are some fitness organizations like NESTA, NASM, VEGA where trainers and athletes alike can get good training as well as certificates. Among these organizations, NESTA is one of the leading organizations in the fitness industry. It offers a comprehensive online training program which is ideal for personal trainers, sports coaches, and martial arts conditioning experts

This unique program will teach you how to create comprehensive SAQ training programs with little or no equipment, as well as using more advanced training tools. You will learn technique, training protocol & proper biomechanics for speed, agility & quickness development for all types of athletes.

The program includes a digital manual with 284 pages & dozens of detailed photos (easily printed), 67 detailed & step-by-step online training videos, and your online multiple-choice exam.

What are the benefits personal trainers will get from enrolling this course ?

  • Learn technique, training protocol, and proper biomechanics for speed, agility, and quickness development
  • Understand the importance of testing and having a plan that will produce results
  • Access countless speed training videos utilizing bodyweight, sleds, bands, and more
  • Access countless agility training videos utilizing lines, ladders, cones, and more
  • Access countless quickness training videos utilizing balls, cones, partners, and more
  • Learn to create personalized, comprehensive SAQ training programs
  • Understand proper progressions or regressions based on the athlete and setting


The fitness industry is booming so is the prospect of working in this sector. The job prospects of fitness professionals are endless. They can work as a personal trainer, a group trainer, a gym instructor, a dietician, a nutritionist and much more. They can even launch a new business. So, developing further skills in this industry like speed agility and quickness training is good thinking.

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