Once a fresh graduate student approached a career specialist asking him if he can suggest a different career path for him (student)? There are thousands of professions out there. So, the student anticipated that the specialist will suggest a contemporary career where people make a good salary with high prospects.

In contrary to his belief, the consultant advised him to pursue a career in the sleep industry, which is not a traditional career like a nurse, nutritionist, dietician, fitness trainer, and much more. So, the student asked the consultant to explain why he advised him to seek a career that is not so common? The consultant gave the below explanation to the student.

First, the consultant asks the student does he know how many Americans cannot sleep well at night? The consultant gave the student a few jaw-dropping stats regarding the sleeping situation of the Americans. Here is what he says

More than 50 million adult Americans are already suffering from 80 different types of sleeping disorders while another 20 to 30 million people have intermittent sleeping disorders. Regarding good sleep, doctors recommended that one needs to sleep for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day. But many Americans cannot sleep longer than 7 hours. If you take their numbers into account, the cumulative number will cross 100 million. In this situation, the CDC ( the center for disease control and prevention) declared that insufficient sleep is a health problem.

So, the consultant’s first argument in favor of becoming a sleep consultant or a sleep technologist, whatever the term you use, is a way of helping millions of sleep-deprived Americans. Lack of sleep causes many serious health problems. These are heart diseases, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure. Every heart-related disease is fatal and people often suffer sudden death. Consequently, if you work in the sleep industry and help sleep-deprived people sleep well, you actually save their life.

Then the career specialist moved his discussion to the career perspective of a sleeping coach. At present, there are 50,000 people are working in the sleep industry. The monetary value of this industry is close to $7 billion dollars. The industry saw a steady 3 percent growth over the last five years with no sign of the slowdown.

sleep science

As the sleep industry grows, so is the widening scope of the people working in this area. If you are a researcher and dedicated to sleep research, Harvard University received 20 over 20 million dollars for sleep research. On the other hand, If you love to study sleep, the University of North Carolina, offered a bachelor’s degree in sleep.

Apart from study and research, you can work in the sleep industry as a sleeping specialist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016, the annual average income of a sleep specialist is $208,000 to $230,000. To become a sleep specialist, you first need to train as a psychologist. If you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, which is not mandatory, it will give you some edge in professional life. But what is essential and mandatory is you need to seek professional training, completing the training course and get certified. Participating  in a training certification program requires no special background like a science graduate or commerce ground.

The first benefit of being certified as a sleep specialist is you will have greater acceptance to your clients and employers. They will trust you that you have a better understanding of a sleeping disorder. You know the strategy to improve their sleep quality.

The bottom line is after doing some diagnosis the physicians told your clients that lack of quality sleep is responsible for creating an array of health issues like memory, metabolism, immune function, creativity, libido or sex drive, hunger, hormone balance, depression, happiness, well judgment, and recovering from a major surgery quickly. So, clients are well aware that the sleep specialist will help them sleep better to get recovery from any such complicated health issues.

Now, where you will get the training? There are some online Online associations and schools for coaches across the world The Spencer Institute for example, one such institute. It offers life coaching, wellness coaching, sleep science, stress management, and many more.

If you don’t like to become a sleep scientist, sleep technician, sleep coach or sleep specialist another great scope of working in the sleep industry is doing a job in a sleeping products company. You will be surprised to know that there are many job opportunities here. In a sleeping products company, you can be working as a marketing or sales representative officer, a human resource manager, an accountant officer, in web development and design.


Sleeping problems are affecting millions of people not only in the USA but also across the globe. Perhaps, the lack of sleep issue originates from too much involvement in our working life. Whatever the reason, people with a sleeping problem will rise in the coming days. And, so is the working opportunity here.

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