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Do you want to start an unorthodox career like becoming a nutritionist? I apologize to people who are nutritionists, dietitians for the use of word unorthodox because when we talk about a profession, we mainly refer to doctors, engineers, bankers, programmers, and many more. But profession as a nutritionist is less common.

However, time has changed. We are in the third decade of the 21st century. In this decade you will be surprised to know that Nutritionists will become a coveted profession like physicians, bankers, scientists, or engineers. Sounds incredible, right? Employment of nutritionists and dietitians is estimated to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all other jobs. More nutritionists and dietitians will work in the health sector to provide care for patients with complex health issues.

Why Nutritionists Will Become so Sought After?

Nutritionists enjoy a good career for three reasons. First, it is a stress-free job. There is no deadline in this job, for example, achieving a sales target. Second, nutritionists maintain a nice balance in their work and life. It is not a long hour job that takes all of your time. You can spend some time to take care of your family and enjoy some time watching sports or movies.

Third, a good salary with a prospective career. The salary of a mid-level nutritionist is around $60,000 while the highly skilled nutritionists’ earnings are much as $70,000. Apart from a good salary, the most fascinating fact regarding becoming a nutritionist is that getting a job in this field is 100% certain. Nutritionists, dieticians, athletic coaches, trainers have job prospects both at home and abroad. However, if one cannot manage a job, don’t worry. He/she can become an entrepreneur by opening a fitness center. So, the prospect of a nutritionist is alluring.

Anyway, at this point, you may wonder, how can I build a nutrition career? Please continue reading this post.

nutrition coaching careers

Step by Step Process of Becoming a Nutritionist

Step 1 Obtain a bachelor degree

Nutritionists are required to have a 4-year college degree. If you plan to become a Nutritionist, take food management or nutrition science as a major course. In addition to the major course, include some other courses like basic sciences, food safety, nutrition therapy, food principles in your college curriculum

Step 2 mull completing a graduate degree

Having a graduate degree is not necessary for Nutritionists but many enthusiasts love to complete a bachelor’s degree for two reasons. First, many employers prefer that new Nutritionists should have a bachelor’s degree as well. And the second reason is starting a business. A few Nutritionists are highly ambitious.

After obtaining a college degree, they want to launch a business in the health fitness field. In this respect, studying in a business field, particularly in the health and wellness business will boost their knowledge with plenty of nutrition business ideas. After arming with these ideas, they will be able to start a successful fitness.

Step 3: Fulfil state requirements to start practice

The majority of the states require that you need to obtain a license to start a career as a Nutritionist. The first step of getting training and obtaining a license is to enroll in an online course offered by a professional fitness association like NESTA This association offers eight courses including Personal & Group Training, Nutrition & Behavior Training, Biomechanics & Functional Training, HIIT & Conditioning Training, Kettlebell & Ropes Training, Martial Arts Conditioning Training, Triathlon Training, and Health & Wellness Coaching.

Step 4: Become certified

The penultimate stage of getting a job as a nutritionist is to get a certificate from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) of the American Dietetic Association that provides certification of nutritionists. Besides certification, the commission offers the Registered Dietician (RD) designation to nutritionists who have a 4-year college degree and have completed a course  and passed a written exam

Get a job

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job prospects of Nutritionists and dieticians will see a steady increase and beat other types of jobs thanks to the ever-increasing number of aging people across the globe and more health Consciousness among mass people. While artificial intelligence is ready to snatch many jobs rendering hundreds of people jobless, Nutritionists and dieticians feel confident that their job is completely safe since the robot can never hijack their profession.


The world economy and job market are more volatile than ever. In this scenario, seeking a career in nutrition is a good choice since the profession offers a stable career, a good salary and the promise of continual career development.

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