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You are passionate about your health and fitness. Whenever you got some free time, rushing to a gym to workout sessions is more interesting for you than watching movies on Netflix. Apart from exercise, You also engrossed with the latest fitness exercise and new delicious yet healthy snack.

When you have a situation like this You heard that there are a few hobbies like writing, traveling, video making and editing, crafting that many enthusiasts were involved first as a hobbyist but after some time they turned these leisure time activities into a successful career. You also heard that people tend to get success where they have an immense interest. Eventually, You also asking myself can you turn your passion for fitness into a successful career?

To find the answer to the question, instead of asking anyone, You started searching on the Internet where you got some promising answers. Below are a few noticeable answers and advice collected from the Internet.

The first advice that many career specialists recommend to you is that working as a group fitness instructor or a personal trainer. You found this a good piece of advice since the recommendation matches your fitness hobby. And that where you transformed your hobby into a successful career-a successful group fitness instructor.

The popularity of group fitness is on the rise. The practice attracts more than 22.1 1 million people annually. The presence of the sheer number of people and the benefits people received by participating in group training bring a dramatic change in the fitness industry. Demand for talented, versatile group fitness instructors has exploded, making this the perfect time to get started on your professional journey.

However, starting the career was not easy.  You need to proceed in 3 step by step process to complete the training process. These three steps are taking extensive training on group exercise, registering for an exam and passing the exam for your coveted job.  Your first step is picking a certification program. Upon enrolling in the certification program, you will receive digital and hard copy study materials.

The hard copy materials will introduce you to the group fitness training concept. You will learn how to teach a group of doing different physical exercises like squatting, stretching, push-ups, dancing and many more in unison. The important thing you will learn from the course is how to make the aerobic exercises great fun. In addition, you will learn some physiological knowledge like group exercise physiology, and muscular anatomy.

Digital study materials are Extensive and Detailed Training Videos. These training videos cover the ins and outs of group exercise instruction and techniques. You will get practical training in group exercise from watching the videos. To further enhance your learning, you will get some bonus videos where world-class group fitness instructors share their knowledge regarding group fitness training, common issues, concern and success stories.

The second part is registering for an exam. Prior to registering for an exam, make sure that you meet all the requirements that one completed a training program in group exercise.

In the exam, you will need to answer 100 multiple choice questions and taking a non-proctored online exam. You will have 3 opportunities to pass the exam. You will receive the result at the end of the exam. Passing the exam successfully, you will earn the certificate with the title Certified Group Exercise Instructor. This certificate authenticates that you are a competent group course instructor and ready to start a job.

If you don’t like to be a group course instructor, another great choice awaits for you -be a personal trainer. The training and the certificate you obtained earlier will also aid to become a personal trainer.

Personal training is one of the most popular professions in the fitness and health industry. The profession offers an attractive salary which has been increasing steadily over the last few years. Besides salary, the working hours of personal trainers are flexible and you will enjoy full freedom to work yourself. Personal trainers are closely involved with the fitness environment. Like a group training instructor, to become a personal trainer, you need to complete a training program offered by an institute    and obtain a personal training certificate.

As a personal trainer, you can work in the fitness industry in two ways. First and of course the most obvious is helping an individual who seeks to get fitfully physically to live an active life. And the other one is selling fitness products. One company, for example, Amway, sell Nutrilite products, meal replacement shakes or fitness equipment where the sales representatives are personal trainers.


In this rapidly changing business scenario, sometimes change of career becomes inevitable. Many people cannot cling to a specific profession for a long time either for economic reasons or enjoying flexible work hours. Whatever the reason, if you are a fitness enthusiast and want to change your career track, becoming a group fitness instructor is a good choice. Thanks.

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