Everything you need to know about pre-workouts

Feeling unmotivated to workout or tiredness in the gym can often negatively affect your workout and slow your progress.

Pre-workout is usually a pill or powder that is mixed with water and consumed before a workout. This supplement is designed to increase energy and performance in the gym.

What is a pre-workout supplement?

There are thousands of different types of pre-workouts that can include a variety of ingredients. It is important to understand the different types before purchasing a pre-workout.

Gaining popularity in recent years, many high-level athletes have started using pre-workouts in their regular gym routines.

There is no standard list of ingredients for pre-workouts but there is a consistent basic formula that is usually followed.

The usual main ingredients

Most of the pre-workouts on the market are created using one or a combination of the following ingredients: amino acids and nitric oxide, beetroot juice, caffeine, and carbohydrates. Often pre-workouts will have a big list of huge words that are hard to understand. Don’t be fooled, as these ingredients are usually just a derivative of the four ingredients above.

Amino acids and nitric oxide

These are organic molecules that our body produces and uses. Basically, these can be thought of as the building blocks of proteins. These can also be used to increase energy levels when digested in our bodies.

Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is rich in chemicals called nitrates. Your body uses these nitrates and turns them into the nitric oxide molecules discussed earlier.

This has been proven to help and boost stamina during exercise. This means that you will be able to exercise longer due to lower blood pressure allowing improved blood flow to your muscles.


Not surprisingly caffeine is often used to boost energy during workouts. This stimulant is often used to increase endurance as well as create an ability to perform high-intensity and powerful exercises.


By increasing your body’s carbohydrate storage before working out you are also increasing your body’s glycogen levels. Glycogen is burned during a workout to create energy and perform demanding movements.

What pre-workout should you be buying?

With all these confusing ingredients and terms it can be difficult to really understand which supplements you should be buying right?

Our recommendation is a pre-workout that combines other supplements like fat burners and BCAA’s. These types of supplements can help you to get the best deal for your money while still giving you that energized pre-workout effect every serious athlete needs.

Our favorites are thermogenic pre-workouts for their ability to promote high-intensity training while still shedding water weight and keeping appetite under control. These supplements combine a variety of ingredients to give you a great all-around pre-workout that will get you shredded.

When should you be taking these supplements?

As you could probably tell by the name, it is important to be consuming pre-workout before you have started your workout. Experts suggest 20-30 minutes before you start a workout. However, always refer to the back of the label for specific consumption instructions.

By taking pre-workouts before the workout you are allowing enough time for your body to start digesting the supplement. The body will then turn ingredients into energy for your body to consume.

WARNING – If you are someone who likes to do your workouts in the evenings be careful of how late you consume your pre-workout. Due to ingredients like caffeine, taking these supplements close to your bedtime can cause difficulties sleeping.

Cons of pre-workout

Although there are awesome benefits pre-workout has for your energy and performance, there are also so important drawbacks to consider.


As mentioned previously sometimes the high amounts of caffeine can make it difficult to sleep if the supplement is taken close to bedtime. High caffeine levels can also cause jitteriness during the workout.


If taken excessively you can build up a tolerance to pre-workout. This means that you would no longer feel the effects. To avoid this many people suggest cycling your pre-workout. A good rule to follow is to take a week off of the supplement after every eight weeks you have used it. You should read the instructions of the container for more accurate diagnoses.

Supplements quality and safety

Usually, pre-workout supplements are not closely regulated. This means that some products can be of low quality or misleading. It is important to always check the product and read reviews online before purchasing.

The bottom line

Pre-workouts have been proven to give athletes that important edge in the gym. These supplements increase focus, energy and athletic performance while having very few side effects.

If pre-workout supplements are paired with proper pre-workout meals and high-intensity workouts the results can be amazing.

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