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Bicep stretches are the exercises that help you increase your flexibility and prevent injury when you are exercising with weights or exercise bands. To be honest, it’s always a good idea to do some stretches before any kind of intense exercise. It’s pleasing that there are many ways you can stretch your bicep muscle to reduce arm muscle pain and increase the flexibility of the muscles. Let’s explore the types, methods, benefits, and precautions of the bicep stretch that you can perform whenever you want.

What is a Bicep Stretch?

Biceps are the primary muscles of our arms that contribute the most to the strength of the arms. Almost all the workouts and fitness activity involve our biceps. We perform different kinds of stretches before, during, and after various workouts. In fact, stretches can be regarded as light workouts. As anticipated, the stretches that involve our biceps are called bicep stretches. Bicep stretches are generally performed to reduce arm muscle pain and increase the flexibility of our muscles.

Types of Bicep Stretches

According to the position of the body, bicep stretches can be divided into three types. The types are:

  • Standing Bicep Stretches
  • Seated Bicep Stretches
  • Lying Bicep Stretches

Standing Bicep Stretches

You can perform some bicep stretches while standing up. Let’s see how to stretch biceps while standing up:

Exercise 1  Straight Stretch

Exercise 1 Straight Stretch (1)These stretches are very easy to perform and you can do them anywhere you want.

How to do it
  • Stand up straight keeping your both hands clasped behind your back.
  • Keep your hands clasped-together and turn them so that their palms can face downward.
  • Now, lift your hands up as much as possible keeping them clasped behind your back.
  • Hold this position for about 20 to 25 seconds.
  • Repeat the process for 5 to 10 times.
  • Do not lift your hands too much at once. Naturally, it will hurt a little if you have muscle pain. But don’t squeeze too much if it hurts a lot.

Exercise 2  Wall Stretch

Exercise 2 Wall StretchYou can perform this stretch exercise using a straight wall. This bicep stretch is not difficult at all.

How to do it
  • Stand to face a wall and lift one of your arms at the shoulder height.
  • Place the palm, inner elbow, and shoulder of that arm against the wall. Your fingers, elbow, and shoulder joint of that arm should be touching the wall.
  • Maintain the contact between your arm and the wall and slowly turn your whole body away from the wall until you get the stretch in your chest and biceps.
  • Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Then get back to the starting position and repeat it for 3 or 4 times.
  • Repeat the whole process with your other arm.
  • Don’t move your body away quickly. It might hurt your shoulder joint. Be slow and steady to perform this exercise.

Exercise 3  Doorway Stretch

You can perform this stretch using a simple standard size doorway. It’s very easy and helpful as well.

How to do it
  • Stand straight in a doorway.
  • Place the palm of your right hand on the doorway at waist height and grasp the door frame gently.
  • Take a large step forward with the right leg.
  • Then bend the knee of your right leg to shift your body weight forward.
  • Keep stretching your body forward until you feel a pull in your biceps and shoulder.
  • Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Get back to the starting position and then repeat it for two more times.
  • Repeat the whole process with your left arm for three times.
  • Don’t put the whole weight of your body on your arm and don’t forget to bend the knee.
  • Otherwise, you might hurt your shoulder and you might even fall on your face if your grasp is not strong enough. So, bend the knee and grasp the door frame gently.

Seated Bicep Stretches

You can also perform some bicep stretches while you are sitting down on the ground, a chair, or a bench. Let’s see how to stretch biceps while sitting down:

Exercise 1  Seated Bent-Knee Stretch

It’s a very easy and relaxing stretch to perform anytime you want. You can do it in your bed also. However, it’s better to perform this exercise on a yoga mat.

How to do it
  • Sit on the yoga mat on the floor and bend your knees keeping your feet flat.
  • Place the palms of your both hands on the mat or floor behind you.
  • Your fingers should be faced opposite to your body.
  • Don’t place all your body weight on the hands. Your total weight should be distributed evenly among your feet, hips, and arms.
  • Without moving the feet and the hands, slide your buttocks forward toward your feet to feel a stretch in your biceps.
  • Don’t curve your back while you feel the stretch in your biceps and maintain a flat position between the neck and the spine for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Then go back to the starting position and repeat the process for two more times.
  • Don’t move on your either side with a rush while you take the position.
  • Don’t place all your body weight on your hands. It might ruin the effects of the stretch and hurt your hands.

Exercise 2  Seated Wrist-Rotation Stretch

This bicep stretch can be performed in both seated and standing position. The seated version of this stretch is easier to perform and good for maintaining the balance.

How to do it
  • Sit on a chair or a bench and raise your arms forward at shoulder height.
  • Place the back side of one of the palms of the other palm.
  • Then, rotate your wrists backward as slowly as possible and try to point the thumbs of your inner hands toward the ground.
  • You will feel a gentle stretch in your biceps and triceps.
  • Keep your back straight in the meantime.
  • Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds to feel the gentle stretch.
  • Repeat it for 3 to 4 times and then repeat it with the other hand.
  • Don’t rush when you are rotating your wrist; otherwise, you might twist your wrist.

Lying Bicep Stretches

You may even perform the bicep stretches lying on the yoga mat or bed. Let’s see how to stretch biceps while lying down on the yoga mat:

Exercise 1  Lying Bicep Stretch

It’s a good stretch to perform before the high-intensity exercises. It is not that difficult either. 

How to do it
  • Lie on the floor with your chest and stomach touching the ground.
  • Then extend one of your arms facing the palm to the floor.
  • Lift the opposite leg of the arm you have extended and place it over the other leg turning your body toward the extended arm until you feel the stretch in your biceps.
  • The knee of the lifted leg should be bent and the foot should be flat.
  • Hold this position for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Then repeat the process with the other arm.
  • Don’t trip over while turning your body. Move slowly to avoid any kind of discomfort and pain.

Why Perform Bicep Stretches?

Bicep stretches are the mandatory activities that you should perform every day if you want to get stronger arms. Even if you want to build the muscles of the other parts of your body, bicep stretches are beneficial for you because almost every exercise involves your arms.

  • Bicep stretches prepare the muscles of your arms and especially biceps to maximize the efforts of the daily workouts that you do to improve your muscular strength and endurance.
  • Stretching the muscles before and after a high-intensity workout is crucial to get a fresh feeling before and after a workout.
  • Bicep stretches help you to improve the flexibility of the muscles of your arms.
  • These stretches also help you to reduce the risks of injury. Every fitness trainer will tell you to do the stretches first and then move to the regular workouts to reduce the risks of injuries.
  • Some fitness experts say that the bicep stretches don’t build the biceps rather improve the flexibility of the arms which prevents injuries and gives you the confidence to perform the heavy exercises.
  • Bicep stretches will always help you appease the soreness and the pain in your arm flex and biceps. Though these stretches won’t prevent the soreness or pain completely, they will definitely reduce the time span of your soreness.

Does Bicep Stretch Build Muscles?

Technically, stretches are not for building muscles but regular bicep stretches can build your muscles also. There is no doubt that the bicep stretches going to help you get prepared for the muscle strengthening exercises. To be honest, regularly performing these stretches might build your muscles also. However, to get the best results for muscle building, you might consider performing the muscle building workouts along with the bicep stretches.

When to Do the Bicep Stretches?

  • If you are a regular gym going person, the perfect time for you to do the bicep stretches is before starting the regular workouts. You might also consider doing these stretches after the workouts if you feel like it.
  • If you are not into body-building and you just want to live a healthy and fit life, there is no fixed time for you to perform the stretches. You can perform them whenever you want. However, the morning is always a good time for everybody to perform these stretches.

Who Should Not Do The Bicep Stretches?

Everybody can do the bicep stretches. However, if you have certain medical conditions that require you to avoid any kind of stretches or exercise, consult your doctor before doing these stretches.

Certain medical conditions demand certain treatments. For instance, if you have spinal stenosis, you must avoid the standing stretches. The people suffering from spinal stenosis can perform the lying stretches. So, if you have any injury or certain medical conditions, you should always consult your doctor before doing any exercise.

Bicep Stretch Facts for Men and Women

Bicep Stretch facts for men and women

  • Women are naturally more flexible and delicate than men. They have longer and more elastic muscles than men which enable them to do the bicep stretches more easily.
  • Men’s bones are stronger and they lack flexibility. So, the stretches are more important for the men than the women.
  • Regular bicep stretches make women more flexible even if they don’t build their muscles.
  • Bicep stretches after workout help men to recover from the soreness of the muscles while women’s muscles do not usually get sore after a workout.
  • Though the impacts and the purposes of the bicep stretch for men and women are different, the methods of the stretches for both men and women are similar.

So, you already know that how important bicep stretches are for your flexibility and arm muscle pain. However, don’t expect these stretches to do all the jobs for you. You still need to perform some other muscular strength and endurance building exercises to get a great body. You may also try the dumbbells, barbells, exercise bands, weight benches, etc. to build your arm flex and biceps. Undoubtedly, the bicep stretches will maximize the effects of the exercises that you do to build your biceps and triceps.

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