What is the ideal pre-workout meal?

Eating healthy food before a workout is as essential as eating food after a workout. Eating food before staring your workout helps you perform better, and the food acts as an aid to supply energy consistently. After a workout, people often experience dehydration, fatigue, and other forms of discomforts. A pre-workout meal is a great solution to combat those ill-feelings.

The importance of pre-workout meal

A moderate level exercise session involves draining out a significant amount of energy. Moderate level refers to exercise that is not so intense like a brisk walk or jogging. The importance of having a pre-workout meal is the food will provide you sufficient amount of energy to complete your workout routine. However, if you don’t eat before a workout, your blood sugar level drops abruptly resulting you feeling dizzy or light-headed.

Another reason for eating food before your workout is the food boosts your athletic performance. For example, if you jog half an hour with an empty stomach, eating a simple snack can increase your jogging time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes or even more.

Foods that should be excluded before a workout

No matter your exercise is intense or moderate, certain food items need to avoid because these foods cause more troubles than good. For example, these foods can elevate or drop your blood pressure, and either of drops or increase blood pressure will prompt you to feel sluggish. Exhaustive feelings will hamper your performance markedly.  One general rule regarding the exclusion of food items before a workout is you should not eat these food items before 1 to 3 hours of your scheduled routine workout. So, at this point, let’s know what those food items are?

Foods rich in sulfur compounds and fiber

Before a workout, you should not eat foods having so much fiber or sulfur compounds. Example of high fiber content food is bean, and food items enrich with sulfur compounds are cabbage and broccoli. The reason why should you avoid eating a bean, cabbage and broccoli are these food items though nutritious force your stomach to work excessively. During exercise, your heart pumping blood strongly, and it is not a healthy practice to keep busy both your stomach and heart simultaneously.

Dairy products

Dairy products, for example, cream, cream cheese, soft cheese, and ice creams, should be excluded from pre-workout meal. It is because these food items made from milk will upset your stomach while doing a workout.

Deep-fried and fatty foods

Fatty foods should also be excluded from the pre-workout menu because these tasty foods interfere with blood sugar level, which is not desirable during an exercise.

An Ideal pre-workout menu

Let’s look at several essential pre-workout food items that are conducive to your exercise.


Have you seen tennis players eat bananas during a set interval? It is because Banana is an excellent source of carbohydrates and Potassium and supply a constant amount of energy. Eating Banana will keep you active all the time during your workout and prevent cramps and dizziness.

Dried fruits:

Dried fruits are another great source of carbohydrates. The food is also included in the pre-workout menu because dried fruits are easy to digest and do not upset the stomach.

Rice, vegetables, chicken

If you have an empty stomach causing you to feel about eating voraciously; it is ok to fill your belly with a dish made with chicken, rice, and steamed vegetables. The meal will fill you up and provide you the required energy to do your desired workout effectively.

Final opinions regarding pre-workout meal

Having a pre-workout snack is immensely important because the meal helps you to stay focused on your workout and performs steadily. Include food items that we recommend above and exclude those that we dissuade and enjoy your workout to stay healthy.


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