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Are you brainstorming about a new business idea? Do you want to launch a business in a highly prospective and lucrative area? If the answer is yes, the health and wellness industry is the right place for you. It is because according to a report published by the global wellness institute in October 2018, the health and wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion! Such a high business volume  proves beyond a doubt how shiny the business prospect here is

Besides trillions of dollars of worth of business, the most attractive aspect of doing business in this industry is you have several business options here. Below we have described 5 business ideas of health and wellness industry

  1. Health and wellness coach

With an ever-increasing number of obese people, health and wellness coaches are now high in demand. Since obesity is directly related to many illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and stroke, health and wellness coaches help clients to control weight and provide coaches on nutrition and stress.

The earnings of health and wellness coaches are attractive starting from $45,00 per year to above.

The health coaches enjoy flexible working hours. They have plenty of free time to do their important family work.

However, one must-have requirement and increase your marketability to work as a health and wellness coach is to enroll in a  fitness institute and get a master’s health and wellness certification. The things you will learn from this certification is

  • The application of effective health and wellness coaching
  • The scope of your work area
  • How to make a health and well-being program for your clients
  • How to bring a positive change in the lifestyle
  • How to work with clients about the disease, pathology, and illness.

The outcomes of achieving such a certification will be

  • Describing specifics of health and wellness coaching
  • You will learn different techniques about applying health and wellness coaching among populations requiring different strategies and techniques
  • Learn both the physical and emotional aspects of health and wellness
  • Starting your own independent fitness business.
  1. Personal trainer

The working areas of personal trainers are quite diverse. They work with teens to improve their competitiveness in sports. They also found to work with seniors who want to protect their bones and prevent injury. They  have working opportunities in hotels, gyms, fitness centers, rehabilitation facilities, and much more

Certified Personal Trainers can earn an average salary of $33,539. Once certified by a renowned fitness organization, personal trainers can  host clients at  their home and trained them

  1. Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are becoming valuable personnel in the fitness industry since they help people to manage stress, tension, and pain. Their earnings are also not bad either with $41,420, according to the bureau of labor statistics.

  1. Selling health and wellness products

One great prospect of working in the health and fitness industry is that you need not be an expert health coach, expert or nutritionist. Many of the jobs in this industry come from product sales; this includes foods such as vegan offerings, vitamins, supplements, and exercise equipment.

Spa and beauty products constitute a big part of the health and wellness market. Do you know how large and extensive the Spa industry is? The worth of the spa industry is astronomical $119 billion.

health and wellness business ideas

  1. Yoga Instructor

practicing Yoga has multitudes of health benefits of including increased felicity, increased muscle strength and tone., weight reduction., and cardio and circulatory health. So, Yoga is getting much popularity among fitness enthusiasts. In fitness industry, you work as a Yoga instructor and earn $30 per at a bare minimum.

  1. Personal Chef

Many health concern people love to eat a healthy diet. But many of them do not have time to prepare healthy, delicious food. So, what they is to hire personal chefs. If you work in the fitness industry, here is a great prospect of becoming a personal chefs and being a personal chef can be an enjoyable home business option if you have a knack for creating healthy food and you can find clients in your area that have the income necessary for such a luxury.


In this ever-changing business world, the prospect of getting a job or starting a new business is not as prospective as a health and wellness business. Working in the fitness world means you will earn a decent income, have a flexible working hour and work in the multitudes of areas.

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