When it comes to losing weight, strength training is considered one of the best ways to shred extra weight. Strength strengthening exercise burn calories and accelerate metabolism rate. However, cardio exercise is another great way to lose weight. When it is about cardio workout, people usually think HIIT which is the acronym for High intensity interval training. The training involves lots of physical activity accompanied with taking some quick rest.

Although HIIT is quite effective and burn substantial amount of calories, but the downside of this process is it is exhaustive. So, it is not a viable option. Instead, there are some simple cardio workouts that anyone can easily incorporate into his or her everyday lifestyle and practice regularly. So, what are those less tedious cardio workouts?

The 4 best less strenuous cardio workouts

People have a misconception regarding cardio workout. They tend to believe that cardio exercise means exhaustive that drain out their energy and make them listless. However, the fact is cardio workout should not be that tedious. They should be less demanding on health and need to funny so that people can enjoy the workouts while lose their nagging weight.

In order to find less vigorous cardio workouts we spend significant amount of time researching on different cardio workouts and then compiled 4 best cardio workouts. Below is our list

  • Walking
  • Jumping Rope
  • Cycling
  • Running Stairs:

let’s know each of the exercise one by one:


If you believe that cardio does not help to lose weight, then you are living with completely wrong idea. You need to re-evaluate your thinking. Walking is one simple example of it. People wrongly perceive that walking is damn exercise. But the real fact is walking is a great low impact exercise. The important thing here is walking with intention of losing weight refers to brisk walk. In no way walking does mean an evening stroll.

If you want to lose weight by walking you need to walk past and sweating that will boost your calorie burning. Researchers found that brisk walking helps controlling weight as well as the habit is a great mood enhancer. One amazing fact of brisk walking is if you walk rapidly, you will burn 300-400 calories in just an hour.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is perceived one of the best cardio workouts for weight loss. The exercise is also beneficial for your bones density. Jumping greatly strengthen leg muscles. In addition, the practice is also helpful for heart. Simple hoping will burn a great deal of calories.

One study found that jumping rope can burn as much calories as running 8 miles of distance. You can burn 600 calories if you spend an hour of jumping rope. Amazing, right? But there are some myths regarding jumping that dissuade people to jump. If you are too concern with jumping, you may seek advice from a health specialist.

Divide jumping exercise in different forms of exercise

You can divide jumping workouts in different forms of workouts. Instead of rope jumping, you can divide the routine in other forms of exercise for example, jumping jacks, box jumps, and split jumps. You need to spend at least 10 minutes in each form of exercises. Your jumping exercise will be most efficient in this way of exercise.

Running Stairs

perhaps the best and easy form of cardio workout is running stairs. walking, lunging, running up and down of a stair will stimulate your body to burn extra calorie. Calorie burning statistics regarding running stairs is a person weighing 150 pound can burn 1000 calories running up and down of a staircase for an hour.


Cycling is a favorite pastime activity irrespective of age and gender. Remember our childhood. We all love to peddle cycle around our neighborhood. The amazing and stunning fact of cycling is, the cycling habit not only burn our calories but also strengthen our heart and leg muscles. Cycling also enhance vitamin D intake since often we spend a good amount of time in sunlight and exposes our skin to sunlight that is a good source of the vitamin. Cycling for 45 minutes can burn 400-600 calories.

Final verdict:

No doubt that the HIIT is a great practice to loose extra weight. However, as we said at the beginning of this discussion the practice is rigorous. So the practice is not suitable for everyone. The best way to lose your weight is making a habit of walking, jumping, running up and down of stairs and cycling. Yes, these practices appear to be simple yet they are deadly effective. Finally, you also need to keep in mind in addition to simple workouts, you also need to maintain a healthy diet to see good outcome sooner than later.


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